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Name and Tag Line Development

Working closely with expe­ri­enced copywrit­ers and linguists, I offer brand name and tag line devel­op­ment.

I focus on the cre­ation of brand names that need to work in differ­ent languages and cultur­al con­texts. Names covering the full spectrum – for prod­ucts, ser­vices, compa­nies, events, me­dia and ar­chi­tec­ture.

When devel­op­ing a tag line, the brand’s communication strategy always takes centre stage. I have an in-depth, an­alyt­ical under­standing of brands, mar­kets and tar­get groups as well as an intuitive grasp of their needs and what drives them.

A tag line is of­ten just a few words. That’s why they’d better be the right ones. A good tag line conveys the essence of a brand in a high­ly condensed form. I always en­sure that your tag line gives your brand a voice and brings it to life.